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3 Top Tips for Your Spring Wedding in Italy

Updated: Apr 26

View of lake garda with pretty pink flowers

Spring has well and truly sprung in Italy and we are eagerly anticipating an incredible wedding season ahead. At our home base of Lake Garda, the tourists are arriving in abundance, and with the Lake opening earlier than we have ever seen it before, there is a real buzz and excitement in the air.

Traditionally, the Italian dream wedding is reserved for the scorching summer months of June - August, however, post-pandemic, with tourism booming, and popular destinations across Italy starting up earlier and closing later, we have seen a newfound interest from couples looking to tie the know from March-May.

Considering a springtime celebration? Italy's breathtaking landscape provides an ideal backdrop. Here, we share our top three tips for planning a charming wedding during the earlier months of the year.

1. Avoid public holidays In Italy, during the Spring there are some key Public Holidays, namely Easter. Easter (Pasqua) can be seen as a great time to have your wedding, with the gift of a few bank holidays granting you an extended weekend, meaning you and your guests don't have to use any extra annual leave days. However, in Italy, many businesses close to partake in the festivities, or to host special Easter events with celebrations often rivalling Christmas. When it comes to your wedding, this could mean that that certain venues might not be available or charge a premium for holding events during public holidays. Top Tip: Do your research - aside from Easter, other key public holidays in Italy are April 25th (Liberation Day) and May 1st (Labor Day)

2. Plan for the weather and season Who doesn't love spring in Italy?! The sun returns, the flowers explode into colour and as the days start getting longer the anticipation of summer builds. Whilst the sun makes a bold return, it certainly doesn't mean that the rain goes away entirely, and weather conditions can still be unpredictable. In popular destinations like the northern lakes of Garda and Como, nestled amidst the Italian Alps, rain and storms can unexpectedly blow in, even during the sunniest of days. Top tip: Be sure your venue has a good Plan B option in the event of rain, or source a marquee or stretch tent. Whilst you hope not to use your Plan B option, it is important that you love it just as much as your Plan A, in case you do have to use it. It's essential to ensure your suppliers are fully briefed and aware of changes that would need to be made if bad weather did arrive. Plan B space can often mean changing floor plans due to space, as well as adjustments to the order of your day. If you have a wedding planner they will normally make the provisions for this and ensure all the suppliers know exactly what they need to do should the weather take a turn for the worst.

3. Timing is key Planning for a destination wedding takes time especially when you are trying to find the right supplier. Destinations like Lake Garda & Lake Como are seasonal, with most businesses living off the spring and summer trade. Often, in the autumn and winter, they shut down for a few months to take a well-needed rest, which can prove a challenge if you've left it until the Christmas break to tick off your final wedding to-do's. Extra Tip: Give yourself plenty of time to get the answers you need, and find out from your supplier in advance if they plan on taking a significant break which could impact your planning. Your planner will often have great connections with local suppliers so will be able to guide you when decisions need to be made to ensure the planning process runs smoothly.

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